Quarantine 2020

As I write this, myself and countless others are dealing with the many issues of 2020. While we have all had our own unique experiences, us photographers have found it quite challenging to scratch our creative nerves. Between mandatory stay-at-home orders, closed public areas and curfews, our subject options have been quite limiting to say the least. Nonetheless, closed doors often reveal the open doors we had not previously seen, and many of us were forced to adapt and step outside our comfort zones. I for one have tried to remain creatively active, shooting new subjects, trying new styles and researching new photo processing techniques. Below is some of my most recent work during Quarantine 2020:

You may notice two consistent themes: macro, and dark/moody shots. My recent macro photography has been a direct result of my inability to travel and shoot in many of my usual outdoors spots ,needing to change my perspective and find subjects in my immediate proximity. Additionally, the dark and moody look of my recent work has been a result of fine-tuning my photo editing. I took a magnificent course on Skillshare called Photo Editing: Cinematic Styles in Adobe Camera Raw that really expanded my photo processing knowledge, especially with utilizing tone curve as a way to elicit my target emotion; that being, you guessed it, dark and moody.

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